Install Beampy

Beampy relies on several external programs to run properly.

On linux these programs could be easily installed from packages of your linux distribution.

On Mac/Windows Beampy has never been tested but all dependencies seems compatible with Windows and Mac.


External programs

  • ffmpeg [or avconv]: for video processing
  • inkscape: to extract some svg properties like width and height.
  • Latex: to manage text, equations and more (Need the standalone class, in texlive it’s in the texlive-latex-extra package).
  • dvisvgm: to translate latex dvi to svg, see the dvisvgm website. It is included in Tex-Live distribution
  • pdfjoin: to merge multiple single pdf files to a unique one. (part of pdfjam project and included in TexLive distribution)
  • pdf2svg: to include pdf as svg in slides.

Python libraries

  • Beautiful Soup: to parse svg file.
  • lxml: used by beautifulsoup to parse xml
  • Python Image Library (PIL): to minipulate images.
  • pygments: [Optional] allows to add code syntax coloration to display code in your presentation.
  • bokeh: [Optional] Include bokeh interactive plots in your presentation. Need bokeh version >= 0.12.6

Beampy also includes a version of scour, an svg optimiser.


The exemple is given for debian or ubuntu distro using apt.

Install dependencies using apt-get

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg inkscape texlive-extra-utils texlive-latex-extra pdf2svg python-pil python-beautifulsoup

From Python pip

  • From the Python Package Index (PyPI)

    pip install beampy-slideshow
  • Last version from github

    pip install -e git+

From the github archive

Download beampy archive (.zip) from github here. Unzip the folder and copy the Beampy folder on your disk and add your folder location to the python path.

import sys

from beampy import *