List of tasks to improve Beampy. See also the issues open on github.


  • Add margin system to group (with global and local easy settings)
  • Clean Javascrip code of the HTML viewver
  • Add multi-slide viewver to HTML to quickly select a slide
  • Finish documentation of all functions Beampy API
  • Rewrite export function as class
  • Add compatibility with Jupiter Notebook


  • Improve options for latex (new packages, language)
  • Add anchor inside latex paragraph to link other module to its coordinates
  • Don’t convert text to path when export to pdf. And add search-friendly tags when using svg path as glyph (to allow copy/paste, search and discoverable content).


  • allow http images as input
  • add an option to not embed the image
  • When height is given as argument recalculate the width accordingly.


  • Allow better animation of items of the list


  • improve positioning (try to not rely on bounding box)