Beampy Theme


This tutorial is a Draft! And provide minimum informations to intrepid developers.

To create personal theme you could find inspiration in beampy/themes/ folder to the check available examples. The default theme is defined in beampy/statics/

Copy one of these files to a new one (in the beampy/themes/ folder) and rename it with a new name like You should keep the “” at the end of the file.

Theme file are organised as python dictionary for which keys refers to Beampy modules. For each Beampy modules the dictionary contains a new dictionary with module arguments and their default values. For instance, the default theme define the following for Beampy text module:

THEME['text'] = {
 'va': ''

Then you could load your theme using:

#for a file named in beampy/themes folder
doc = document(theme='mytheme')

You could also change theme property directly in your presentation source file.

from beampy import *

doc = document(theme="mytheme")
# show keys of the theme dictionary

# Change some keys
doc._theme['title']['color'] = '#000000'
doc._theme['title']['x'] = 'center'

If your proud of your new theme, please share it with us ! Either creating a github pull request or send it to the mailing list mailing list